Rugby League

In 2019, Stretton State College is excited to introduce Rugby League as part of the Sports Academy Program. Delivered as part of the HPE curriculum, the program will provide students with the opportunity to develop the essential skills of the game as well as a pathway to compete in Rugby League competitions across South East Queensland. Further to this, the program will allow students to build essential life skills, encouraging participants to become an active part of their local community.

The program will be offered to students entering year 7 and 8 in 2019, catering for both boys and girls. As it grows, it will then be offered to each new grade 7 cohort coming through. Students participating in the program will be expected to maintain their academic achievement as well as their effort and behaviour within their other classes. Students will also be expected to engage in all extra-curricular engagements provided by the program.

The program will have a focus on teamwork and team culture, encouraging increased participation levels of boys and girls, at all Rugby League ability levels. The success of students will not simply be measured by their on-field results but instead by focussing on growth as ‘athletes’, looking at improved skill sets and execution in competition. In order to develop this, students will take part in strength and conditioning development and participate in on and off the field sessions with experts in the field.

The program will offer the opportunity for students to continue building their skills in other areas by engaging in other sports already on offer at Stretton. Students will be encouraged to engage in state-wide Touch Football and Oz Tag competitions, should they have an interest in this area.

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