Every year, the Stretton State College Sports Academy students have the opportunity to attend our Academy camp.  In 2018 this camp was held on the Sunshine Coast and over 100 Academy students from Year 4-12 attended.

The focus of our camp was to improve our skills and to establish out new Academy Motto – HEART. 39283055_1694808323974572_4144082672529965056_n

H – Hard work

E – Excellence

A – Accountability

R – Resilience

T – Trust

Students were asked to complete an Athlete Journal which included their thoughts on each word above.

Over the three days, the students participated in games against Meridan State College and Chancellor College which was a great opportunity to play against other schools with academies.39044741_717515041942076_6361666985733914624_n.jpg

39109112_651826315199425_7602969708882558976_nStudents also took part in Athlete performance testing / profiling/ injury prevention. Athlete performance testing involves an athlete undertaking a battery of tests designed to measure their power, strength, endurance, agility, balance and flexibility. The results from these tests create what is termed an ‘athlete profile’, which is then used by coaches to determine what an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses are. Information from these tests assists strength and conditioning staff in exercise program development, and coaching staff in player recruitment and playing position delegation (team sports). Students will receive a profile of their results in the coming weeks.

The academy students were also treated to a guest speaker seminar from Sunshine Coast Lightening player Erena Mikaere and nutritional seminar.