The first carnival of the year is the Swimming Carnival.  Students on the Illaweena campus have the opportunity to compete for house points at the Parkinson Pool.

The winning house in 2018 was Bradman Bulls.  A special mention goes to the Cowan Crocs who showed fantastic house spirit all day and won the House Chants.

At the Southern Scorpions District Carnival, Stretton State College had a strong team competing and won the Boys, Girls and Overall Championship.  22 of our students were selected to compete at the Met West Regional Carnival.

The Stretton State College 2018 Age Champions were:

12 Years: Isabella Escobar-Lang, Stephen Luong

13 Years: Nikitta Frommolt, Ryan Cross

14 Years: Kelsey Beetham, Kode Lawrence

15 Years: Jenny Luong, Josh Frommolt

16 Years: Kathy Luong, Chey Bartorillio

17 Years: Alexandra Dean, Lleyton Revie