At Stretton State College, students from Year 4-12 compete in the school Athletics Carnival.  In 2018 Paterson Panthers were the overall winners of the carnival.  Well done to all students involved!

Stretton also has a history of dominating District Athletics Carnivals and this year we again won the Boys, Girls and Overall Championships.  49 of our students also qualified to attend the Met West Regional Carnival representing Southern Scorpions District.

Congratulations to the Stretton State College Age Champions for 2018!

10 Years: Jayden Hansen, Leevi Williams

11 Years: Caleb Butler, Emma Byrom

12 Years: Charlotte Stevens, Bailee Williams, Mitchell Terrill, Joshua Beetham

13 Years: Xavier Atoa, Nikita Frommolt

14 Years: Jordan Sligo, Kelsey Beetham

15 Years: Nathanael Kaszta, Rosana Davidson

16 Years: Joshua Kaszta, Faith King

17 Years: Lleyton Revie, Jenna Lawrence

18 Years: Benjamin Stevens, Pheobe McLaren