Todd Leavitt – Head Coach Touch Football

txlea4Todd Leavitt is the head coach of the touch football academy. He has been involved with touch football at the college for the past five years in the primary school. Todd has had a long interest in touch, along with rugby league and athletics. This interest sparked his desire to complete a bachelor of education secondary in HPE and Geography.

Todd has nurtured and inspired our Gowan Students in both rugby league and touch football through out his teaching and coaching career at Stretton State College. He has been instrumental in the success of both disciplines. Todd has been awarded the coveted coach of the year for 4 years in a row, dedicating many hours each week to ensure our budding rugby league and touch football talent students have the opportunity to train and play at a higher level.

Todd currently teaches year 6 on the Gowan campus and will join the Illaweena coaching team for inter school sport teams which will strengthen the opportunities for our students.  Todd’s motto is ‘if you dream it you can do it’ which sums up his work ethic. Stretton State College is fortunate to have a coach who’s passion is that of Todd’s. 



  • Bachelor of Secondary Education (HPE/Geography)
  • Sports First Aid
  • Level 1 Touch Football Referee
  • Talent Level Touch Football Coach
  • Registered Touch Football Australia School Ambassador