Jordan Fonoti – Volleyball Coach

jjfon0Jordan Fonoti is one of our HPE teachers who coaches Volleyball at Stretton State College. Jordan’s passion for Volleyball started during his teenage years playing in high school and competitions for church and university.  Although Jordan pursued a career in other sports, he has never lost his passion for Volleyball and has a strong desire to increase participation in Volleyball everywhere.

Jordan has a deep passion for Volleyball because of how it can shape an individual’s character and translates into their everyday lives.  Developing perseverance, integrity, mental toughness and team mindedness are just a few of the characteristics that help players become better people.  This philosophy is something that Jordan has held close to his heart throughout his playing experiences and has made sure to transfer to how he coaches his teams.

Whilst at Stretton State College, Jordan has taken numerous teams to Junior, Intermediate and Senior Schools Cup; his most successful being his Junior Volleyball team bringing home bronze in their division last year.  Jordan is looking to expand his Volleyball resume, hoping to get the call up to assist with next year’s regional teams.



  • Bachelor of Education (HPE/English)
  • Diploma Sports Development
  • Level 2 Volleyball Coach
  • Level 1 Volleyball Officiating